WhatsApp rolled out new features you must know

WhatsApp new features has been introduced which makes the chatting experience more interesting and reliable. These are new features rolled out for both Android and iOS apps. 

WhatsApp New Features:

  • Dark Mode
  • Fingerprint Lock 
  • Group privacy
  • Private message from the group
  • QR code

Dark Mode: 

WhatsApp had released the Dark Mode for both Android and iOS. Now users enjoy the new experience on chat.

Fingerprint Lock:

Whatsapp focuses on the privacy of the user and releases the new feature fingerprint Lock like app lock. With this feature, the user can lock their WhatsApp with fingerprint lock and secure their chats.
Account-> Privacy->Fingerprint lock

WhatsApp new features Finger lock

Group privacy: 

This privacy feature really likes to everyone. With this feature, the user allows the which type of users can add his/her in-group. If you set the MY Contacts then only your contacts allow you to add you in the group.
Account-> Privacy->Groups

Private message from the group: 

WhatsApp introduce the new private message feature, In this feature, if you are privately sending a message to any group member then you can select the message of that person and  Go to the 3 dots and select the reply privately. then you able to send a private message to the other group person.

QR Code:

 This feature exists in the WhatsApp beta version and surely come in the next version update. With this feature, you will have a QR code in your profile and if you want to share your WhatsApp to another person then you can scan your QR code and you automatically add in their WhatsApp and no need to share your phone number.

WhatsApp new features QR code

Now to enjoy WhatsApp with new features!