Top 5 CamScanner alternatives Apps you can use

The Government of India banned 59 Chinese apps because they are engaged in activities which are "prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order".

There are many popular apps on this list like TikTok, ShareIT, UC Browser, CamScanner, and many other apps. Now, these apps are removed from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Many apps useful for the users for the different activities and CamScanner is one of them where users can easily scan and share their documents and now CamScanner is banned.

There are many alternative apps available on GooglePlay Store and Apple Store over CamScanner.

Here is a list of apps you can use in place of CamScanner:


  1. Adobe Scan

    Adobe Scan is designed by the Popular US Based company Adobe. This is a great scanning app you can scan user documents and also scan text from the document. The best part of this app to scan the document without any watermark and export your document in JPEG and PDF format. Abode Scan supports the OCR and also share the files with email and cloud.

  2. Scanbot:

    Scanbot is one of the popular apps for scanning the document. Scanbot can flawlessly scan documents, receipts, ID cards, whiteboards, QR code, and more. You can export the scanned documents both in PDF and JPG formats and upload on the cloud

  3.  Microsoft Office Lens

    Microsoft Office Lens is another powerful alternative to CamScanner. It stores your document in JPG and PDF form. This app sync with the OneNote and Onedrive. The best part is to scan the document with any watermark.

  4. PhotoScan

    This app offered by Google to scan pics using your Android camera. It integrates with the google photos and your document in google photos and anytime you can access that. It automatically edges cropping which is far better to CamScanner’s edge detection.

  5.  TapScanner:

    TapScanner is our other scanner app which is pretty reliable. TapScanner has several filters just like CamScanner. You can export your documents in PDF, JPG, or PNG formats. It can also automatically detect borders and trim images very well. This is also a good alternate choice for CamScanner.